26 April 2008

Broadband or ADSL connection.

Nowadays broad ban connection is the most popular around the world. Most of people are change to use Broadband connection. The Broadband connection is can setup easily by yourself. No need to ask vendor or somebody elase to setup your Broadband connection.

Below is the guide to setup Broadband connection.

1) Go to Start--> Control Panel --> Click on Network Connection
2) Click on Create New Connection on the left page.
3) Click Next on the 1st wizard come out.
4) Choose Connect to Internet and Click Next.
5) Choose Setup My Connection Manually and click Next.
6) Choose Connect uisng a broadband connection that require username and
password and click next.
7) Type in you ISP (example : TMNET, AOL, Singtel) and click Next.
8) Choose Anyone Use Option to allow all of user for you computer can using the Broadband
connection and click Next.
9) Type in you username, password and confirm your password and click Next.
10) Check on the Add a shortcut on your desktop to appearing your setup on your desktop.
11) Then click Finish.

14 April 2008

Add Multiple Language On Windows XP

Some of people out there need to use multiple language for thier computer. Maybe you need to read Chinese language or Japanese or other language. Do you Windows XP provide you to read multiple language on your computer.

Please Use This Guide to your computer.

1) Go to Control Panel
2) Click on Regional and Language Option
3) Click on Language Tabs.
4) Click on Install file for East Asian Language
5) The system will require you the Windows XP CD. Please put in the Windows XP CD.

**Please log in using administrator account to allow you change this setting.

13 April 2008

Drive is Full

Somtime user have a problem that C Drive is full. Then after checking and removing unnessary file the capasity is still full. For Windows XP, you cannot login if your C Drive is excedd to limit or full or less than 100MB. What this is happen?

The problem is your computer has store the log file for Temporary file. Please follow the guide to solved your problem.

1) Open My computer.
2) Click on Tools --> Folder Option
3) Go to offline Tabs --> Press SHIFT Key + Delete button.
4) The Windows XP System will require you to restart.
5) Restart your computer and you will get back your free size for you drive.

Good Luck...Thanks.

How to create Auto-Logon To your PC.

Below is the TIPs to created Auto-Logon to your PC. Follow the guide below carefully.

1) Use Registry Key to modify this feature. Go to Runàregedit
2) Expand the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINEàSOFTWARE-->Microsoft
-->Windows NT-->CurrentVersion--> winlogon
3) Edit the String value for AutoAdminLogon to 1.
4) Add new String with name DefaultPassword and type in the value for Password for
your Auto login default. Example : abc123.
5) Change value name for DefaultUserName as follow Auto login account.
Example : eric
6) Change value name for DefaultDomainName a follow your Auto login account.
Put in your computer name.
Example : Eric_Computer

Restart you computer and you will see your compouter will logon automatically.

Computer TroubleShooter.

Hi there,
I'm Chuckiesd. I'm created the blog to share with all of you for any computer or laptop problem. Here also i'm will give a Tips or tricks to manage your computer while in trouble. I'll will help you as much as I can.