13 April 2008

How to create Auto-Logon To your PC.

Below is the TIPs to created Auto-Logon to your PC. Follow the guide below carefully.

1) Use Registry Key to modify this feature. Go to Runàregedit
2) Expand the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINEàSOFTWARE-->Microsoft
-->Windows NT-->CurrentVersion--> winlogon
3) Edit the String value for AutoAdminLogon to 1.
4) Add new String with name DefaultPassword and type in the value for Password for
your Auto login default. Example : abc123.
5) Change value name for DefaultUserName as follow Auto login account.
Example : eric
6) Change value name for DefaultDomainName a follow your Auto login account.
Put in your computer name.
Example : Eric_Computer

Restart you computer and you will see your compouter will logon automatically.