29 October 2009

Treatment And Prevention : Anal Cancer

The anal form of cancer is uncommon and occurs in the anus. There are a lot of other risk factors for Anal cancer. Anus is the opening at the end of the rectum around which body waste passes. Perianal is the skin around the outside of the anus. Tumors in this area are skin tumors, not anal cancer. Cancer in the outer part of the anus is more likely to occur in men, cancer of the inner part of the rectum is more likely to occur in women. Having multiple sex partners or having anal sex, due to the increased risk of exposure to the HIV virus. The risk of getting anal cancer increases with smokers compared to nonsmokers. Inflammation resulting from benign analy retarded, such as hemorrhoids and anal fistulas, has been considered to cause a predisposition to anal cancer.

It is more common for the older population to get anal cancer. Anal cancer is typically a squamous cell carcinoma that arises near the squamo columnar junction. The rate of infection of HPV is increased in patients with HPV even if they do not engage in anal receptive intercourse and do not have evidence of suppression of their immune system. Currently, anal cancer is not considered an AIDS defining illness. However, frequently, patients who have been newly diagnosed with anal cancer are tested for HIV if they have other risk factors for infection with HIV. Although there appears to be an increased rate of anal cancer in patients who have benign anal conditions like anal fistulae, anal fissures, perianal abscesses, or hemorrhoids, it does not appear that these benign conditions are a cause of anal cancer.

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symptoms of anal cancer said...

Cancer itself is a dangerous disease. Anal cancer is found in rare case. It affects to both male and female. Those who are consented to anal intercourse and with with depleted immune systems are more prone to this cancer. One should avoid smoking. If anyone observes symptoms of it, should consult doctor immediately.

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anal cancer said...

Anal cancer is a very rare type of cancer. It affects the anal region. Mostly the symptoms are not detected but some signs include anal bleeding, itching, pain or pressure, unusual discharge, changes in bowel habits and the formation of lumps close to the anus. Safe sex practices should be followed to reduce the development of anal cancer.

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