05 October 2008

How to Speed up your computer while startup??

Some times you may facing this problem. Your computer is loading very slow while startup.
There are 3 posible problem to your computer.
1st, your computer have loading many application on startup.
2nd, your computer have been spyware infected.
3rd, your computer have been virus infected.

Here some way to solved your problem.

1) Restart your computer and running on safe mode. (Press F8 when the computer is starting).

2) Login as normal administrator account.

3) Doing full scanning for all drive that allocated inside your computer.
4) Type "MSCONFIG" on the run command.

5) Go to Startup Tab and disable unnessary application that running while startup. Leave only you important application.(E.g : Antivirus, Networking Application etc).

6) Use another tool to disable unnessary application that loaded while startup (Recommended : Hijack Tool).
7) Then restart you computer to see the result.

Good Luck.


micihanna said...

thanks for sharing the info.